Gemini Overview

May 21 – June 20

Key Words:  “I Think & Become Aware”

Despite being called ‘the butterfly of the zodiac, many say Gemini is the most important of the signs because it not only represents thought process, but the dual force of being human and divine.  Taurus turns quicksilver in Gemini, changing from earthy, sensual and artistic into the airy, mutability of ‘The Twins.’ Gemini is diversified action, the sine qua non of multi-taskers….a tree with many branches with which to explore and learn. A key word is ‘awareness,’ in speaking, writing, dealing with siblings, and the environment.

As ‘the God of Wisdom’ is associated with the Buddha, also the Norse God, Odin.  As the Greek, Hermes, he was god of the persuasive tongue, messenger of Zeus.  Mercury’s job is to name things, thus separating and individualizing, offering opportunity to invent, re-think and communicate on many levels.

Despite the lofty associations, Geminis can be inconsistent, superficial, and restless.  In this Gemini relates to the spring energy of Vata, with its light, nervous quality, and constant movement.  LINK    They can also be imaginative, intellectual, and witty.  You will not be bored.  Gemini has a strong intellectual drive, using skepticism, and logic to find out ‘just the facts, M’am,’

Gemini Polarities

Noncommittal vs. Dedicated
Versatile vs. Diffuse
Precise vs. Erratic
Expressive vs. Verbose

Mercury Rules Gemini

Mercury is the messenger, lord of communication, and active intelligence. He is the great trickster and questioner of life. As the closest planet to the Sun, he is the hottest as well as the smallest; connecting thoughts and ideas quickly. Mercury in Gemini, and natural ruler of the third house, is airy, inquisitive, and quick, operating strongly through lower education, learning agility, siblings, the neighborhood, and speech patterns. In the physical body rules the hands and lower arms.

Body Rulership

Entering this dual air sign, Mercury lords it over lungs, arms, shoulders, hands, and nervous system, (central and peripheral.) Everything in pairs, symbolic of the pairs found mating in nature at this time.  Mercury rules the conscious mind, while it’s opposite sign, Sagittarius rules the superconscious.  This polarity is the student~teacher, opening to new information, figuring out a new tool, asking ‘why’ at every turn.

Balancing Gemini Energies through a Yoga Practice

Gemini energy, like Vata and Pitta, needs to cultivate quiet, repetitive rituals to keep the lively airy and erratic energies on track.

Through visualization and memory, Gemini learns to harvest meaning  from a Practice.

Gemini needs grounding.  Standing poses, especially balancing poses keep Mercury’s light-bright energy down to earth.

Gemini is at its most powerful when it can combine a multiplicity of ‘instruments’ to play a symphony.  Shakti Yoga Dances are a multi-level ‘orchestra’ that suit this need.

If only I were as charming, conniving, versatile, and roguish Capt. Jack Sparrow.” 

– Johnny Depp