March 3-12


Energy notes to support the ‘Wisdom Body’ ~ March 3~12

With Venus embraced by Jupiter high in the sky, sailing through fiery Aires,  the Moon filling with light toward her fullness, and the Sun now in watery Pisces, along with its ruler Neptune, we are awash in feminine, receptive, loving energies of a Spiritual Warrior. These fiery waters create steam, so before the surge sweeps you up and away, stand still and feel the courageous vibe, let it enter your bones! In a few days, you can join me in the Shaki Dance of “Liquid Love” under the Full Moon on the 7th~ at

The upcoming Full Moon, between Pisces Sun and Virgo Moon is the divine conflict between head and heart, some say the ‘longest journey we ever make.’ Pisces, as the final sign in the zodiac, returns us to source.  Aires, as the first sign of the zodiac, sends us headlong into life.  Pisces, working from the symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions, and the Venus/Jupiter embrace in Aires present dualities of first and last, of unity and duality; of transcendence and loss.  On the 7th, The Virgo Moon is goddess of hearth and home, she of impeccable practice and design.   Remember that all Full Moons are times when we can understand and see our shadow material more easily. especially the issues and difficulties within the energies of the two face-off signs involved.  In the days leading toward this potent lunation, have the courage to face the inner critic without judgment, and process those old issues that rise time and again~ It’s time to heal!

A big vibration connected to this Full Moon is the arrival of Saturn into Pisces, also on the 7th.  Listen to clarion horns announcing this oh-so-important energy shift.  Last week’s blog covered a great deal of this at and I simply remind you here that ‘this is a very big deal,’ as it’s one of the three major outer planets changing signs, which shifts the world’s vibration, not just yours. Saturn remains in Pisces for the coming three years. As Saturn works with boundaries, and Pisces has none, expect confusion.  Saturn is associated with physical reality, time, space, and accountability. It asks, ‘are you your own authority?’  Expect: destabilization, water issues, funky-financials, big business and banking changes, borders morphing, our relationship to spirituality, religion, and mysticism all transforming.  While trying to swim through Pisces, Saturn, the grim reaper, will do his best to bring order out of chaos, to give a reality check to bogus schemes, to ask that our meta-work have depth, and use for Self, and others.  In the past, when Saturn traversed Pisces, we’ve had massive protests and marches against war and inequality, the passage of Civil Rights bills here, and in other countries, programs created to work on poverty, inequality, and unfair laws.  The two opposing energies are difficult to align, but when they do, miracles often appear.  Worth every effort!!

Perhaps helping us sort out Pisce’s confusion is a flowing trine of Uranus to the Moon.  Uranus is not usually a helpful sorter, but from his Taurus position, he’s more grounded, of the earth, and practical.  We shall see if he intensifies or subdues.  He may help us clean out the old mess. Uranus and uncover what needs healing.   Mercury, ruler of the Virgo Moon, moving through Pisces, exacerbates the mystery and otherworldly flow.  This is wonderful if you wish to be a magician, but poses difficulty if you are trying to be clear.  Pay greater attention to your words and writing.  Poetry may flow, but clarity may take more effort than usual.  This will be especially true mid-March when the Sun and Mercury both conjunct Neptune, ruler of Pisces.  It will be an amazing opportunity to open doors of perception wider, to be more creative than we thought possible, and open doors for beloved dreams to enter.  Just watch your P’s and Q’s of verbal and expressive alignments.  And please, go howl at the Moon.  Call down the healing spirits and let’s set our world alight with love!


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YOUR PRACTICE THIS WEEK:  I write this once again:  Be a lover!  A lover of life, of friends, family, and strangers.  Love who you are and what you do!  Love the misshapen laughter that brings joy.  Love what hurts so you may heal.  Love the confusion for out of it grows creative ideas.  Hold hands with your world.  Embrace those you love.

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK:  Sit quietly and grow courageous.  Listen to exactly what your heart wishes, not what you think it should want. Put visions, creativity and gut feel into creating new pathways. You are growing muscle for a deeper Emotional Intelligence, opening to higher inner levels of intention and integrity.  You may feel you are being tested- you are!  But put on your can-do pants and go out and show us how it’s done!


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