Sagittarius Overview

November 22 – December 21

Key Words:  “I Perceive”

The mythology symbol of Sagittarius is the half-man, half horse.  Here, it is the mind that links body and spirit,  and the mythos of archer-centaur is a vital symbol of Sagittarian longing for the mind to lift the animal self ever higher.  Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, is a philosophically, spacious, far-reaching energy who desires to grow consciousness. In order to do that well, it is important for the body and emotions to be stable and calm so the mental field can be clear.  Once it can stand back and objectively observe what is true and what is false, the good Sagittarian understands the polarities of illusion and vision.

Scorpio’s cool toughness is replaced by the fiery vitality and joie de vivre of Sagittarius, whose ruler, is all about hope and expansiveness.  Jupiter spanks no one, unless it’s through religious zeal, or philosophical idealism. Jupiter, rules the higher mind, as Mercury rules the lower.  Lower does not mean less than. It means Mercury takes charge over learning the single trees such as words, sentences, and questions.  Jupiter rules the forest, as in philosophy, visions, long distance travel and ideas.

The mind here is often blessed with confidence, and an ability to see the future,  often with good fortune.  In fact, where ever you find Jupiter in your personal chart is where you receive blessings.  These can be blessings of : health, good friends, work, love.  It’s not necessarily money.  With Jupiter we can be overly optimistic.  Is more simply too much?  When the large, gaseous Jupiter is involved, we need to be mindful of over-expecting, over-eating, and over-indulging.

You often find wonderful teachers with strong Sagittarius, or Jupiter energies,  They  love to expand, offer others faith and optimize.  The are often ebullient and generous,  willing to share dreams, as well as ideas.

Sagittarius Polarities

Exaggerated vs. Inspirational
Gluttonous vs. Bountiful
Lusty vs. Sensual
Dogmatic vs. Spiritual

Jupiter Rules Sagittarius

 As the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter works to expand everything it touches, and in Sagittarius, it expresses very largely indeed. Jupiter has jurisdiction over our self-confidence, faith, and optimism, education, long-distance journeys, spiritual values, or religion, Where ever he is working, he brings generosity to life, dished up with optimism.  A happy Jupiter, is a happy life, expressing generously, with a zest for adventures.  He is also a ‘family man,’ exalted in Cancer, presiding over the family of gods, as well as over the human community. Where he is placed we move beyond our rational mind, we grow ideas and seek communication for the community, which is why many teachers have a strong Jupiter. Historically, Jupiter claims the gift of prophecy. Mercury is the low mind, and Jupiter the high. Together, they teach and communicate Universal law.

Body Rulership

Along with the other fire signs, Aires and Leo, Sagittarius is highly expressive and energetic.  This is a body ready and willing to explore new territory, both physical and mental.  In order to propel the body forward, it must have strong haunches and upper legs.  Metaphysically, thighs represent capacity.  Jupiter governs the liver, the main organ of detoxification.

Balancing Sagittarius Energies through a Yoga Practice

Because Sagittarius tends to overdo, working with balancing poses, and a focus on being grounded assist the enthusiasm possible over-expectation.

Whenever a Sag. can bring new ideas, or expand an old premise, it’s a happy camper. Thinking about the spiritual connection a pose might offer, or how it relates to an inner process that fascinate- will keep the body coming back to the mat.

Jupiter rules hips and thighs in the physical body, so keeping these muscles strong and pliable is important.

Harnessing the exuberance and generosity of Sagittarian energy is something we all wish for. It makes the mat a magic carpet. Keeping that ‘magic’ balanced and safe is part of making is work well for years to come.