Pisces fish tied at the tail, struggling in opposition: Faith VS Chaos.


  • A continuing saga of the intellectual mind being undermined. Consider ‘thinking’ via the emotional body, and intuitive inspiration.
  • Both lower mind, represented by Mercury, and higher mind, symbolized by Uranus, are challenging old forms of communication, personal prejudice and social polemics.

Symbolism and birthing energies of Uranus reveal how she may manoeuver in Taurus… don’t poke the bull!


The sweetly-sensitive Pisces Mercury, redundantly Retrograde, backs into a hard relationship with Jupiter, confounding thought, communication, expression and transportation. Our sensitivities may undo us. Our lack of clarity may create more chaos than comfort. Our reactive patterns may make enemies of allies. The Piscean sea of loss, oneness, creativity, and muddle may overwhelm and exhaust bodies. But there is great hope for realigning mind with emotion, creating a more empathetic world.

Consider treasures hidden in the miasma of Mercury’s slower, meandering pace. What is normally quick must now operate more reflectively. If emotion temporarily overrules mind, make this an opportunity to grow inner balance and emotional harmony. Pay attention to different guidelines, ones that are perhaps uncomfortable, but in the end serve to grow sensitivity to other’s feelings. Imagine paintbrushes dipped in vibrant colors, expressing with generosity and vitality, infusing your mind, and others in greater possibility.

Mercury Retrograde backs into Jupiter in Sagittarius which holds delicious vibrant, optimistic coloration, along with a dismaying amount of over-expectation and self-righteous know it all-ness. It is another red flag to slow down and plan. Take a big breathe to take apart structure, and re-evaluate before the leap. Jupiter with Mercury can yell, “Go Now!” Don’t be tone deaf, hearing only the loudest voice. Know that impatience, exaggeration, assumption, and lovely lies lie in wait for the unaware.


Looking upwards to see what the higher, Uranian mind is up to, it’s helpful to know its mythos, its birth, and cycles. Just as our birth data reveals our life path, this same revelation lies within the birth chart of everything. When myth is associated with life, the seeds of its unfolding can be better understood. The mythology of the Titan Sky God Uranus first appeared in Hittite myth, and were then assimilated to the Greek God Ouranus. The story of the God of the Heavens, Ouranus, father of the Titans, was he married the Goddess of Earth, and was attacked by his son, Kronos/Saturn, who cut off his manhood. It falls into the sea, creating a mass of foam/aphros, or Aphrodite, known as Venus. The mayhem of its myth is added onto scientifically by its discovery in 1934 by William Herschel. It was the first planet discovered by telescope, revealing that it tips onto its side with an axial tilt of 98 degrees. It turns on its axis once every 17 hours and 14 minutes, as well as rotating in a retrograde direction. In short, it is a planetary phenom permeated with odd, astonishing, bizarre inventiveness, full of eccentricity and freedom of movement.

This is the energy we now have moving into staid, stubborn, earthy Taurus. You think the upcoming seven years won’t be shaken and roiled by these diametrically opposing energies. …The last passage of Uranus in Taurus began June 6 1934 when revolution, instability and impulse had the world by its short hairs. Not only was WWII forming under despotic leadership, but the Red Army was on the ‘Great March. This along with extraordinary discoveries in nuclear fission of heavy metals, and the biological fission of living cells. We had huge changes to monetary systems,(FDR’s banking overhaul,) along with land use, (the great dust bowl.) These are only a few of the dramatic changes during those seven years. Uranus last moved through Taurus The shock value of a son cutting off a father’s manhood never ceases to create revolution, for good and ill. As Uranus holds the collective knowledge/higher mind of the heavens, it offers choice; we can turn to violence, or we can turn to brotherly love, both ruled by this quirky, out of the box, enigmatic energy.



YOUR PRACTICE THIS WEEK: Honor Uranus with a more quirky Practice. Seek different moves on your mat that make you re-interpret same-O Asanas with greater freedom, with perhaps just a tiny bit of chaos. Feel your body responding to the greater empathy of Mercury in Pisces. Be kind, unwind mind, and breath, into a wide expanse of connecting emotion. Bring the subtle body to greater consciousness. It will serve you in times of need.

YOUR BIRTHDAY WEEK: Dear, sweet Pisces, take no prisoners, especially not yourself this year. Rather than bemoaning your loss of boundaries, create some new ones! Your intuitive inspiration and creativity are seeking new channels to open. It is a complicated year asking you to direct a new path from looking back as much as looking forward. Expect a joyous abundance to flow through your days, but don’t over-step or bypass details. Don’t be too Piscean-spongy, soaking up other’s energies. Rather, grow more aware of your environment and what/who brings you peace and pleasure.


 MARCH 13, Wed. 5:15 & 7 PM. Muscle for our madness, laughter of our hearts, empathy for mind and spirit. Laughing Dog Yoga, Wellesley.

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MARCH 16, Sat. 8:30 AM, and 10 AM Finding our way on the mat into the energies of the next potent Full Moon~ seeking strategic balance, formidable inner grace, and outer powers. The Studio, 1 Edson Rd, Natick.

FEB. 17, Sun. 4-5:15 pm, Sunday Serenade is a Restorative, stretchy, meditative time-out, offering lush self-care, and space to grow Emotional Intelligence.

Upcoming final winter Salon to be announced for April: 4-6 pm led by Allan Cameron for those interested in journeys of discovery and questioning. Free to the choosy ones who listen well , and offer heart-felt wisdom. 1 Edson rd, Natick, MA

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