• Shifts and changes in the heavens, ‘space weather,’ reflect intense conflicts of energies pushing the vote for: the fear-filled old, or a new unknown.

Transformative Scorpionic New Moon, Nov. 7, declares the new cycle, as lunar nodes change signs, along with Uranus, god of change, shifting back into Aires, AND squaring the nodes. . It’s all a BIG WHEWIE

Jupiter, leaves Scorpio’s frozen water to enter his Sagittarian home-fires. “More is More” is its mantra!


As if the New Moon in Scorpio, the deepest of the water signs, who works our emotional depths, weren’t enough to push tears and invoke trauma, we have a conspiracy of heavenly changes that will make sure we move ahead differently. Whether it is into greater darkness, or the first sight of light, I do not know, but the use and understanding of power, integrity, control, emotion, and courage are called forth as never before. It is personal, and collective.

The Lunar Nodes, (show where the Moon crosses the ecliptic-the path of the earth around the Sun,) move through energies we have worked before, and are now ready to tackle again, hopefully with greater recourses. They will challenges us through the mother/father signs of Cancer-Capricorn, where we shall all be working more with emotions, and constraint; the receptive feminine, mom, VS politically conservative dad, the Capricorn taskmaster of traditional values. They remain in oppositional houses for 18 months, while we personally and socially embrace and learn the good, and the difficult of these energies. The last visit of the nodes to Cancer/Capricorn was Oct. 1998-April 2000. What was going on for you? Where were you rooted in home and family, and how has that changed? What did you learn? What do you now wish to deepen, or release that reflects or repeats that time in some way? What calls you that is familiar? Do you hear the unknown howling the hill?

If you can faintly hear that howl, it probably has to do with Uranus retrograding into Aires, to kick our sorry asses into action. It doesn’t care how we are kicked, only that we respond by moving toward greater freedom, courage and diversity, especially as it squares the nodes of tradition and family. Say farewell to what you are used to, au revoir to what is comfy. Uranus backtracks in Aires, the progressive firebrand, until March 2019, when it once again enters Taurus.

It’s not that Jupiter leaving Scorpio for Sagittarius is not important, it is! We shall begin to notice it’s energetic in the coming weeks. But, I’m ‘out of my space, and your time, so this shall be continued next week. Suffice to write that its fiery enthusiasms shall decry the dangers, and luxe, of ‘more is more’,



YOUR BIRTHAY WEEK: Your new mantra is “I love change!” Yes, I realize Scorpio is a fixed sign, that moves under its own guiding religion, but guess what? This year you are shaken, not stirred. You are challenged to deepen your life with emotions flying. You may find yourself dealing with mom and dad, or family and home from issues rising from the last nodal pass in Cancer/Capricorn. The New Moon clearly denotes a new cycle, a path to stir the blood. The religion is one of big changes, but changes that may be shadowed from the past. Good thing you’re so tanned, muscular, and ready to roar!

 YOUR PRACTICE:  Our true Practice moves ever deeper within. The outer Practice of Asana and Pranayama shall work to connect inner and outer layers, to heal mayhem and sorrow, and balance Yin to Yang. Wednesday’s New Moon calls for Yoga Nidra, Restorative poses and focused breath work. If you wish to stretch out of that and move muscle, do it with great sweetness and loving care. Bodies are tired, we need to retreat into the dark, pull the covers up, and feel safe. Take care of yourself and one another, on and off the mat.  Come, light your candle as dark descends!


 Nov. 7, 5:15 & 7 pm Wed. classes at Laughing Dog , Wellesley MA. Practices will be honed and honored under a New Moon…a dark Scorpionic release into a new cycle. Whether we celebrate or weep, show up! We stand together, more so than ever.

 Nov. 8, Thurs. morning 8:30-9:30 AM Mat Pilates, The studio at one Edson, more howling. But we always howl our happiness at the end to show we’ve survived another belly-boot-camp-hour.

 Nov. 10, Saturday morning, 8:30 & 10 AM. We expand movement, ideas, and connection under a Sag. Moon that opens the Practice, to move it out of the New Moon Yin. Jump into the new cycle! 8:30The studio at one Edson, Natick, MA.

 Nov. 14, 9:00-1:-00 pm, Advanced Techniques, The studio at One Edson, Natick. This seminar will cover Pranayama techniques, chakras, mudras, mantras, plus hip and leg anatomy, with spine alignment. Receive CEU hours, or deepen the practice.

 Dec. 2, 4th, 4-6 pm ‘The Sunday Salon’ –It will be hard to be better than the thoughts shared around November’s fire, but we shall effort to be differently fabulous at December’s Salon. Allan Cameron leads those interested in journeys of discovery and questioning. Free to those who listen well ,and offer heart-felt wisdom.

 Astrological Consultations:   Planetary wisdom offers a timely look at one’s life from an objective, non-judgmental point of view. As you begin fall’s journey asking, “How do I wish to use my inherent genius? How can I move more deeply into my healing? How do I plan an abundant future?” Then let us swim in your life together, in wonderful discovery. Email

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