June 10-17


Energy Highlights June 10-17

We have a fascinating Full Moon light to lead us onward toward the magic of Summer Solstice.   Between now and the 14th, as the Moon increases in light, you will find it inspirational to re-consider life’s meaning.  The fulsome Sagittarius Lunation is about embracing expanded consciousness, and purposeful intention.  This is wonderfully symbolized in the Sagittarian glyph of the half-human/half-horse figure, drawing its bow to shoot arrows of greater knowledge, innovation, and excitement into the world.  You hope the arrow finds you! 

Adding to this exquisite light is the Sun/Moon square to Neptune, God of the sea, the subconscious, and spirit.  This ‘T-Bone of energy asks we embrace life with arms wide open to growth, purpose and meaning.   The fiery Moon and watery Neptune create steam that lifts the lid on heart-centric wisdom.  We work at subconscious levels in hopes of lifting what lies hidden to a higher vibration.

If you have been wandering in Covid’s Desert of loss and chaos, this is a wonderful moment to take time out and rediscover your ‘True North.’  The Sag trailblazer opens doors that often amaze us.  When his arrows let loose, we find ourselves in new, expansive territory of meaning and destiny.  If you have lost this zest and zing for life now is the time to create it anew.  Despite Saturn’s Retrograde, don’t go back to the old.  You’ve outgrown it!  Rather use the inner Saturnian discipline to create better structures, and redefine desires that lift you onward. Between now and the Solstice on the 21st, EarthPeople have an energetic opportunity to revamp earthly-ailing.  Let us trust our instincts, listen to the heart, AND to one another, then be bold and trust the road that’s calling.

With the Sun in Gemini, we love gathering facts, sharing them, and learning all manner of new tidbits.  When this fluttery airy energy faces off with the fiery Sag Moon we are offered big-light-awareness, a vision of what is possible, and what we have outgrown. Be excited and enlightened, but be aware of   ‘more is more’ and it’s possible it’s too much.  Stay balanced! Pay extra attention over the weekend as we have an exciting breakthrough in the earthy sign of Taurus, ruled by Venus, and that lovely, love-goddess is aligning with the great sky god, Uranus.  We can expect all things Venusian such as finances, relationships, creativity, our sense of beauty and sexuality, our bodies as well as the earth-body to undergo change….possibly big change. If you are seeking emancipation from the old shadows of not being beautiful enough, or not having enough money, now is a perfect moment to transmute that dross to gold!!  This weekend is a golden opportunity to become aware of how we self-sabotage, and where we are afraid to risk Venus-growth. Uranus is a planet of freedom as well as authenticity, and when he moves in to touch the inner planets, things happen suddenly and quickly. Don’t wait when you get the breakthrough call to be a rebellious, glittery change agent!

Despite the external barrage of information, lies, the rise of religion and violence, the old patriarchy hanging on for its life, and the desperation of wounded souls wounding others, we have amazing resources to rise above and leap forward, not only for Self, but for a wounded world.  There is nothing holding us back from participating in and creating our evolution free of fear.  Dreams, symbols, synchronicity, and odd messages may have greater significance at this time.  Wake up, put on your magic walkin’ shoes, and hit the mountain trail up!  Your True North is calling with arms wide open!


Upcoming International Shakti Yoga Dance virtual Teacher Training begins August 21st!   Information & invitation-Contact: Samantha at- samcatcam@gmail.com.

YOUR PRACTICE THIS WEEK:  We move on with greater sis boom bah energy, thanks to the Venus/Uranus embrace.  We shall execute the ‘boom bah’ with more efficiency and purpose if we use Saturn’s desire for alignment and grounding.  The weekend’s energies support us in re-establishing a greater sense of purpose and direction.  Grab your mat, let’s go!
                Dear indomitable tribe, once again, my profound gratitude to many of you who have been so very generous with donations as I continue sharing the entire energy of our classes; the joy, the muscle, the spirit, the love, and the fees with Ukraine. I am now moving a portion of our monies toward gun control and Planned Parenthood.  Thank you for being a light body for this world.

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK:  You’ve always wanted to be a deep diver- Have at it!  You have a golden opportunity this birthday to combine subconscious and conscious for expanded thinking, as well as spirit, leading you to a wider /wiser world than you have known. With old man Saturn in review, your discipline and construction reviews will lead you to achieve goals. Your friendships and finances may change, and Saturn can help with their restructuring.   Get your bow and arrows ready to shoot for your North Star!

ASTROLOGICAL CONSULTATION:  Astrology is a way of understanding your soul’s journey, and what you came to release, learn, and master. In a consultation, we explore past, present, future to heal, and discover your riches. We plumb decisions to be faced, discovering how you can better align with these transformative times.   I have been an intuitive, psychological, soul-centered Astrologer for the past 25 years, working practically and metaphysically. Contact: Samantha at- samcatcam@gmail.com.


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