Feb. 24-Mach 4


‘Tis time the walrus said- ‘to join the dance of opening to your inner renegade.’  How do you wish to transition toward a different future? All transformations/transitions require more soul time as we distill what we’ve learned from the past, especially during Pisces, the ending sign of the zodiac.  The body needs quiet, liminal time to remember what’s deeply important.  We all need this during ‘Pisces Season,’ Feb. 18-March 20.  Last week’s New Moon energies carried strong instructions for the days ahead, lighting the way until March 21 when we move into fiery Aires.  That New Moon was also the second of three Super New Moons in a row, when the Moon is nearest to earth affecting tides, and weather, emotional volatility, and shifts in consciousness.  Consider that the New Moon was punctured by Uranus, and between that huge hit and being a Super Moon, we had massive earthquakes. 

Pisces, the last and most confused watery energy of the zodiac, ruled by the mythic Sea God, Neptune, asks we turn inward, that we listen to intuition, and grow awareness of the collective unconscious.  This 12th sign is the final stage of our spiritual journey, a time to gather in the past to let it go and dissolve the big ‘Me’ in order to compassionately hear other ‘me’s’.  Pisces seeks ‘Oneness.’  No easy quest.  Turn to your art, your song, dance and music.  Turn to one another and reach out in reconciliation with empathy.

This spiritual, watery, inner wisdom may not feel revolutionary, but make no mistake it is a paradoxical sign under which many battles have been fought, especially when Saturn becomes involved.  As the great teacher and strict enforcer, Saturn brought a very down-to-earth vibe to the watery, invisible Pisces vibe.  Remember the Vietnam war? Civil rights and people in the streets? When Saturn and Neptune join or Saturn moves through Pisces, our job is to integrate the responsibility of leadership and boundaries with divinity.  It’s fascinating to learn that both Putin and China’s Xi Jinping were born with a Saturn/Neptune conjunction, giving them a sense of authority that what they want is right, and what they both feel is their right is to gather back in lands lost to the great motherland.  They envision/Neptune and they carry out their responsibility/Saturn. They both feel it is their karmic duty.

Wisely integrating energies is our main job.  We have a responsibility to explore and develop ways and means to effectively carry out the Cosmos within. During times of uncertainty and upheaval, this is a full-time job that most of us don’t attend to.  At the New Moon on the 19, Saturn was closely connected to the Sun/Moon birth, and in an opportune connection with Neptune, supporting efforts to integrate the two disparate energies with intelligence.  On March 7, Saturn moves into Pisces for the first time in 28 years.  As the ‘Lord of karma,’ we shall be looking at new lessons that will require our attention to use creative imaginations for good in the ‘real world.’

March may be the biggest, most convoluted month of 2023 as Saturn moves into Pisces for the coming three years, Pluto makes his first move into Aquarius for a short visit on the 23, and swifter moving Mars, the warrior, moves into Cancer’s emotional waters of the motherland on the 26th.  All this signals big change, if not upheaval.  Now is the time to prioritize your dreams, listen to your intuition, and prepare the groundwork for new journeys.

Are you prepared to grow into being a ‘citizen of the world?’ Have you sharpened your chops for change?  Are you in networks of shared support? Learn to trust timing, grow more aware of the symbolism in synergistic events, and build a ‘Wisdom Body’ as your spaceship!


YOUR PRACTICE THIS WEEK:  Be a lover!  A lover of life, of friends, family, and strangers.  Love who you are and what you do!  Love the misshapen laughter that brings joy.  Love what hurts so you may heal.  Love the confusion for out of it grows creative ideas.  Hold hands with your world.  Embrace those you love.

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK:  Put your visions, creativity, and gut feel toward creating new pathways.  Use Saturn’s discipline to make dreams viable.  Be patient and kind, just as mom told you, but I refer not to others, I refer to you being extra tender with Self so that you can open to higher inner levels of intention and integrity.  It’s quite a year ahead and Self- Care is a big part of what creates your success. 


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