April 8-16


Let us find laughter where we may.  Let us float joyously in Piscean rivers in ‘Happy Baby Pose.’  Let us be endlessly silly with no regard for whose watching.  Let us be heart-immersed in love.  If not now~ WHEN?  Now is good as I remind you we are in the midst of a turbulent evolutionary transformation, where planetary forces as well as ‘solar space weather’ are creating massive changes affecting the earth, our nervous systems, and even our DNA and consciousness.  In the past month, Solar flares, and CME’s -coronal mass ejections have been very active.  There is reason you have been lost, tired, wired, distracted, and confused.  These highly charged flare-ups affect power grids, and pineal glands, which are our spiritual GPS.  Take a break, and know you are ‘upgrading.

A water-wonderful ‘Happy Baby’!

Be aware that it is very easy to float away in amplified energies of spirituality, dreams, imagination, compassion, and surrender.  The shadow flow of the Pisces archetype brings loss, confusion, purging, and dissolution.  You choose!  You have heard me, along with every other Astrologer, write about the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Pisces- perfecting on the 12th.  It’s here, it’s everywhere!  There are few if any boundaries, making life a mystery of altruism, fantasy, escapism, and intuitive pondering   It can so positive, AND so sadly dark.  This conjunction has not taken place in Pisces since 1856.  At that time, there was an uprising of spiritualism, the abolitionist movement, along with mediumship, and the end of the Crimean War; a turning point for the Russian empire.  As you know, Russia annexed Crimea in 2014, against all rules.  Perhaps with this cycle coming full round, it can be fixed for a better world?

The crisis in Ukraine has been calling all of us to the table of generosity, love, and prayer.  Our levels of consciousness have expanded, imagination’s grown, with a deeper acceptance of working within spirit to create change.  Before the Grand Conjunction takes place, let’s hit pause and sift through personal ‘algorithms’ to discover where within we remain separate.  Ask, “How am I contributing to a world at war”?  Where do I still suffer from judging Self, and fight mental battles with my lack of worth?  Where is my heart closed?  This is critical work we can do in support of Ukraine, to see the cessation of war.  You know the mantra; “Peace begins with me.”  This Piscean flow of faith makes now a perfect time to heal and visualize Ukraine’s healing dreams manifest.

A totally oppositional energy to the Piscean flow is the intense, assertive, passion of Mars and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius.  When these two warriors come together, approximately every two years, we deal with recalcitrant, controlling power issues.  Yes, we can be more courageous, and independent, disciplined and practical, all good qualities for dealing with the Piscean flood that has no boundaries.  Mars is fiery, quick, and can be a spiritual warrior, but just as often -a mean man with a spear.  Saturn is about authority, holding down the fort, offering no mercy.  When they ‘collaborate’ -we drive with the brakes on.  Or, we can get a lot of work done, as this is a ‘nose to the grindstone union.  We also fight battles we have no business fighting.  It’s interesting that both planets have squared the nodes which means their energy is important, possibly more volatile as a nodal hit brings up the past, making it karmic.  It is a time for healing past issues, and ancient wounds.

The next Full Moon on April 15, is in Libra, sign of partnerships.  It is also Good Friday for all good Christians and Passover for all lovely Jews.  Consider the week ahead as a playground to dance with the Gods/Goddesses   Under expansive Full Moonlight, we see and understand what we have been struggling with.  We often come to terms with what has been misunderstood. Under the spiritual influence, whether you are religious or not, make a few simple decisions about how best to use the intense energies.  Put them in your service, in service to the world. 


*Feel free to forward this newsletter.  AND please share this Vimeo link of the Shakti Yoga Dance ~“Imagine Ukraine” from Samantha cameron on Vimeo
at https://vimeo.com/686758275   If you like this video, make sure you share it, too!  Please feel free if you know others who would like to join in,  and or sing when we get the call to ‘gather at the river altogether.’

iI you know others who wish to send peace and spirit-hope into the world, inform them we are setting up a time to sing, and or dance when we get the call to ‘all gather at the river.’  The dance can also be viewed on Facebook, Instagram, and Linked In.

YOUR PRACTICE THIS WEEK:  This has been a week full of shifts & changes, therefore being as flexible and mobile as possible are a class focus. Bodies have been moving from ‘hard crunch’ to sweet crispiness.’  The beginning of the week was dominated by a Mars/Saturn nervous bludgeoning, and you may have felt you were driving with the brakes on.  Hopefully, you formulated a wise strategy out of the frustration?  We then moved under a highly creative wave of spirit, buoyancy, and dare I say ‘bliss’?  Thurs. and Fri we return to disciplined, articulate demands for meaning….not a bad thing.  So, let’s rug up and Yoga-Move from a blissful heart to articulate what’s important, and how we wish to move on.

Again, my profound gratitude to so many of you who have been so very generous with donations as I continue our practice of sharing the entire energy of our classes, including the fee, the love, the spirit, and the joy of the dance with Ukraine.  This week, we donate to the iconic work of Chef José Andrés and his WCKitchen.  Here’s a brief description of WCK:  “Working at a 24-hour pedestrian border crossing in southern Poland, WCK began serving hot, nourishing meals immediately. Now, we’ve expanded our efforts to serve people across the region in Romania, Moldova, and Hungary. WCK is also partnering with restaurants inside of Ukraine to get hot meals to anyone in need.” 

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK:  Listen to your POV, your perceptions, and inspirations.  You may be confused at this time, but hold the dream, and take step by step intention toward it.  You may learn to trust yourself as never before.  In doing so, healing awakens greater creativity ad trust.  Get clear about your boundaries, and the quid pro quo of life.  Find balance between flow and stop, listening and directing, being alone, and partnering.  Your communication skills may take an upward leap?

ASTROLOGICAL CONSULTATION: I believe that Astrology is a way of understanding your soul’s journey, and what you came to release, learn, and master. Together, we explore past, present, and future to heal sorrows, and loss. We plumb decisions to be faced, discovering how you can better align with these transformative times. I have been an intuitive, psychological, soul-centered Astrologer for the past 25 years, working practically and metaphysically.  contact: Samantha at- samcatcamM@gmail.com.  


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