June 10-18

FUNDING GRACE~ Eclipsed New Moon Re-set

“Everything you blame, you’re stuck with. 

Bless it.  Wish it well.  Wish it its own freedom,

and it will be very powerful in the way that it will not come back to you.

If you don’t forgive it, if you don’t bless it, if you don’t wish it well,

The energy will just be magnetically drawn back to you

Because it is looking for resolution.

All negative energy that we’ve inherited,

It’s there because it’s looking for resolution.”


Friends help us find resolution, as well as the other side of the river.

The powerful New Moon Eclipse of June 10 is an opportunity to come home to not only who you really are, but also to who you wish to be.  Its Gemini energy opens doors to a new 28 day cycle of communication, ideas, and hopefully-clearer thinking.  As an Eclipse, it  opens  doors to a six month cycle of reinvention and new designs.  Time to dream big and release whatever holds those dreams from fruition.  As I wrote last week, we have a minefield of planetary drama leading toward the Summer Solstice, June 20. https://dailybreathjournal.com/astro/astrology/  This week, my focus is on the enormous power at our ‘finger tips of consciousness’ to make changes count, to realign intention, heart, and mindfulness, and open ourselves to Grace.

On mundane levels, check everything twice.  Give yourself time to make mistakes, recover, and re-do, then bite your tongue before blasting forth.  The Sun/ Moon rebirth in Gemini, with ruler Mercury close beside, this annular Eclipse (where the Sun’s corona appears around the Moon) makes  for a very mental lunation.  It belongs to the ‘Trickster’ an appropriate nickname for Mercury, especially when Retrograde, as it is now. It all too easily becomes the symbol of Loki, and Wily Coyote who teach us through tom-foolery, mistakes, and pranks.  It’s a good time to grow your sense of humor!  Their inherent job is to challenge our thinking, our illusions and open the mind to a wider perspective.  As we make mistakes, or fail to overcome a problem, remember Adyashanti’s blessing, above.  It’s particularly important, unless we wish to be run by frustration and anger.

Give your perceptual-perspective a break. Open to feeling as well as thinking.  Keep it in present time. Release past wounds. Work more with images, color, and sound that nurture and heal.  A colorful perspective is particularly easy now as Neptune, spiritual god of seas, oneness, and creativity amplifies perspectives with its square to Sun, Moon and Mercury. This square supports a shift to higher vibration levels.  Its shadow side magnifies loss, addiction, and mayhem so choose with great care what you wish to experience. It’s important we create cool pools of rest and silence, and spend time in nature to suss-out ways we might more joyfully express and share ourselves.  With Gemini energy so prominent, we are driven to communicate, and share ideas, but connect the mental to heart, and body for better ‘EI’- Emotional Intelligence.  Empathy is its great tool.  You see it so wonderfully in the great photo of turtle crossing the river wih Mr Frog, and frog inviting Dolly-snail to climb on.  They, and we, all arrive at the far shore embraced by one another. AND just think of the fabulous ideas that surely come when sitting on someone’s magnificent head!

It’s an important time to visualize the steps ahead.  Use your ‘celestial mandala’ to help see- without judgment- how you might deepen and enliven life.  I’d love to support and inform your mundane AND mystical Self!  Natal & or Solar Returns available as well as quick overviews of your personal Eclipse territory of changes, and Retrograde affects. $20 for 20 minutes.  email samcatcam@gmail.com

A RITUAL MOMENT: If ever there is a time for ritual, it’s now.  The doors are open, the electromagnetic fields disturbed, and solar flares much higher than normal.  Whenever  Sun, Moon and Earth align, there are large downloads of transformative energy. It may make you sleepless, but it also opens doors to higher consciousness.  Create a ritual that brings you joyfully face to face with your faith, your creativity, wisdom and love.  Forge new instruments for the road ahead!

THE PRACTICEIt’s time for magic on the mat.  It is even a luminous time when we listen to intuition, and allow the body to lead us into deeper dimensions.  This is a spirit class where you can come and fill your well of quiet hope and peace.  It supports the body to morph and nurture itself under the charged-changes the New moon Eclipse demands.  Come and inhale what you need and exhale what holds you back. We join forces to raise our vibration of joy.
YOUR BIRTHDAY WEEK: I wrote last week that I can promise you a year of change, of letting go the past, and of gifts that give you a sense of higher purpose.  It is doubly true this week.  Your mind is on fire with possibilities for teaching, writing, speaking. Take time now to review and renew your communication skills.  With Sun, Moon and Mercury dancing together, part of your joy will be to express emotions and ego more readily. With the Sun connecting to the North Node, you may find it a more karmic year of greater importance.  The New Moon offers opportunities for renewal and resetting all agendas.  It’s an important year in your life…choose wisely!


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