Jan. 21-29


“We are all travelers on a cosmic journey…”   Paulo Coelho

We are all crazed travelers trying to understand and enter a new cosmic journey.  Stop!  Before you proceed to snort something silly.  You may be confused, but you are not alone. Out of the confusion form new answers. Perhaps an idea for the first step forward?  Stop and go within before dancing with a horse’s ass into the uncertainty of weird entanglements.  Venus and Mercury continue retrograde until the first days of February, making this an opportune ‘STOP- time’ to re-evaluate, re-configure, and really understand the value of what you wish of 2022.  This is especially true for any financial, friendship, love-related issues/Venus, as well as mental, and communication re-sets/Mercury.  Stop and perceive what and who you love, and what needs updating.  The energies of this time are intense, evocative, frustrating, and possibly empowering- if we are listening.  It is a time to BE, not DO!

We have moved past the profoundly emotional Full Moon in Cancer, though its watery surge is still with us making everything more personally tender.  We survived Mad-Dog Uranus stopping to go direct, sweeping the world into chaotic forward motion of bigger ideas, and exclamatory surprises.  We are free.  But free to be what?  Check into old territory.  What needs release?  What has ended? Every retrograde of every planet asks these questions.  Despite the frustration of feeling held back and confused, without these periodic ‘reversal check-ins’ we would not hit the pause button to ask, ‘how can I do this better?’ The present stop-sign is yet in place until the beginning of February for all things Venusian and Mercury-ruled.  As these two planets have sovereignty over what we value/Venus, and what we think,/Mercury, the freedom and mental expansion we long for cannot correctly take place until we have New Ducky ideas in working order.  You have two weeks before everything goes direct, and we head off into the unknown at ‘ramming speed.’ (Yes, I have re-peated myself here for a purpose.)

Don’t get frustrated. Take time to soften, and retreat, as we are under skies of intensity as well as uncertainty, making forward, plans inappropriate in this moment.  Whatever we hope to embrace will probably be of a deeper nature, asking us to go below and beyond where we have been.  This is an opportunity of a transformative inner space to connect what your passion and longing are reaching for. With Uranus now direct, ideas and pans seek a modern, updated expression, freedom cries out, and a unique POV expands.  It goes deep and wide, but keep it simple despite the higher frequency and higher consciousness Uranus offers.  It is traveling through earthy Taurus, so practicality and simplicity help us engage this higher manifestation.  As you have witnessed this past week,  Uranus in Taurus often calls up earthquakes, volcanic activity, surprising weather or environmental situations, and other weirdly unexpected events that throw us off-balance.

With the nodal axis (the energetic axis, or path, the world is working from,) shifting from the ‘information signs of Gemini and Sagittarius to Taurus and Scorpio~ one of the edicts is, ‘keep it practical, simple and of value/ Taurus.  Dig deep and transform/Scorpio.  The path of soul growth is the North Node, now in Taurus, ruled by Venus, therefore all things of a Venus nature are the path to be on.  Scorpio, sign on the South Node, is how and where we are to let go.  Issues of unhealthy emotional attachments and fixations, as well as the misuse or abuse of power and control.

It was wonderful to see so many of you at Sunday’s ‘Astrological Overview of ’22.  Thank you for coming!  I hope you enjoyed, it and that the information helped you reset and formulate your ideas for ’22.  If you missed the session, you can still purchase the video replay, along with notes of timing that help you formulate and prepare plans. Email samcatcam@gmail.com

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I close, in order to keep is short and sweet, with the reminder~ The ‘stars’ are with you~listen to them!  Samantha

New start date of Feb. 13 is set for the next virtual International Shakti Yoga Dance teacher training. Email me with interest and questions.  We begin just in time to give yourself a unique and exquisite valentine!  Go here for information from past trainings.



2022 Blessing:

May this be a time of many blessings for you, and those you love.  May your light fill our world with compassion and joy.  From your full and generous heart, be a conduit for peace and healing so that every time you look at someone, each time you think of someone, they grow and feel loved.  Off we go, changing the world one breath, one step, one song, one glance, one embrace, one dance at a time.  My heart to yours~ Samantha


 BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK:  As Venus and Mercury both remain retrograde, this is a birthday to renew, or discard old relationships, especially the one with Self.  You are deep-diving with Pluto as your transformational-guide through all Venus issues in order to feel ever more authentic to the person you wish to be.  Your opinions and ideas will count this year, and very soon, you will have a better idea of how you wish to enter new goals and achieve them. Combine passion, integrity, and exuberance to go after what you desire.


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