August 18-22


In a summer that has galvanized big jive ass reaction and response, we finally have a few delicious days of true blue summer fun.  Unroll your sleeves, take off your shoes, and dance into laughter with friends   It is a true Venus trine Jupiter time.  This means love and appreciation ten-X.  Fill your empty cup with imaginal waters of self-esteem and creative juices.  Swami Byondandanda said, “When things come to a head, head for the heart.” God knows we’ve had enough headwinds and head-on collisions to need all the extra heart we can find. It’s yours to have and hold right now!

Supernova tailwinds of change continue revving their engines, moving us toward a spicy fall, making this an opportune time to not only rest on your laurels, redefine your mission statement, and dance some magic into your days.  Be light and lively.   Unpack the weighty angst you’ve carried.  To help with this, I heard a wonderful piece of conversation where a heavy-weight head of a construction company said that he now woke a half hour earlier each morning so he could “empty out his brain” before he started worrying, or planning his demanding day.  What a great plan!  We are all overfull of too muchness, thus taking daily time to empty out is just what the doctor ordered.  It’s also a perfect follow-up to the Full Moon on the 8th that primed us to break free of old patterns and rules to discover new ways to expand our light.

That Full Moon also highlighted the waning Saturn/Uranus square that the French Astrologer Dane Rudhyar called, “A crisis in consciousness.”  This energy was highlighted throughout 2021.  As these two heavyweights move back into position (due to retrograde motion) to duke it out this fall.  Once again, we hear the far-out metronome of Saturn’s implacable limits, his hold on the old, the known, and the outer authority of the patriarchy hanging on for dear life as it fisticuffs the Uranian/Aquarian demand of equality, progress, individualism, inner authority, and futuristic ideas. This is a difficult push and shove asking us to open our perspective, question the status quo, and elevate compassion.  The two power pushers move back into close contact from August 27 to November 9, especially intense Sept. 15-Oct. 23.  Mark your calendars as the world will once again engage in serious battles of fundamental, difficult changes.

While you are taking sweet time off, consider the changes you personally wish to create, the power you hope to control, the plans you need to trust.  It’s a great time to listen to your intuition, to be guided by the imagination, to open the peepers to an expanded ‘what if.’  When we are at peace, it’s a potent time to re-assess and integrate, to fund our courage to be unique, and honor Self.  So much goes wrong, is a battle, gets confused and lost in this time that we must balance that out, define boundaries and turn toward more joyous goals.  Uranus supports inner revolution to lift up and on, to wake us up to what we really care about, and reinvent our relationships of value.

Uranus, the great sky god of abrupt and disruptive shifts, is getting stronger by the minute as he prepares for his stand-still moment on the 24th, before turning Retrograde through the fall and winter of 2023.  He is a rebel with a cause, pushing us ever upward, in hopes we use a higher octane for thoughtful, intuitive, idiosyncratic progress.  His cycle has him spending seven years in earth-centric Taurus, and is known to create earth-chaos through volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, fire and flood.  During the last seven-year cycle of Uranus through Taurus, mid 30’s-40’s, the US had the great dust bowl, the banking overhaul by FDR, and the extremes of Nazi hate leading into WWII.  Despite being a very ‘awakened fellow’ he is out to upset any apple cart to provoke transformative change.

Please remember that each of us has a role to play.  Each little tiny-whiney one of us has a part in the pageant.  What we think, share, and imagine, does influence others, energetically and or physically.  Taking time to empty out the old to make space for the unknown to enter and offer charming surprises, and intuitive gifts are practices that support and create a world we wish to live in.

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YOUR PRACTICE THIS WEEK:  This week finally gives us ‘vacation mode enjoyment’- so enjoy, whatever you do!  No heavy lifting, just chill and fill your body with sunshine and peace.  We’ve earned it after all the teapot tempests.  Actualize the Leo energy of creativity, celebration, fun, romance, and childlike joy.  If you don’t take advantage of a sweet time out then upcoming tangles will be harder to manage.  We all need an R & R release.

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK:  This birthday year fund joy and hope to support new ideas.  You are changing and will be further challenged to deepen and widen inner transformations, so create the inspiration you need by emptying out the past, the pitfall and dumb pits that can’t be chewed.  Hold on tight for high winds of shift and opportunity to blow out your birthday candles this year.  Prepare by getting grounded, practical and taking first steps. (Saturn) Dream the impossible dream then set yourself free to follow it. (Uranus) Perhaps recognize yourself from a new perspective.  Don’t be dismayed with detours or false leads.  Stay the course you love and pursue it with a courageous Leo heart!

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