The hill behind the house lies bare

Shadowed eerily in cloud,

A figure stands alone with the North East wind as shroud.

She turns to leave then hesitates, hearing squadron pride,

Silhouettes on sunset’s wing with the arc of the world as guide.

She waits, a silent beacon,

Her yearning calls~ “Come here!”

Desire fixed on longing seeks communion peer.

The left-wing Sergeant feels her and tilts the squadron’s shear

Close by to let her listen wing spans sounding silk.

‘Whish, whish’ she holds her breath to hear

Rehearsed-circles rise,

Crying the “All clear.”

She bides each eve at vesper-light, eyes fastened on the hill

Willing God to land in feathered, squawking drill.

Muscled breasts stretch landing glides, Sentries stand the guard,

Others dream the onward flight, impatient, but resolved.

Too long they’ve lingered on

Knowing she cannot part.

They wait upon the signal 

 Hope lit within a lonely heart.


Autumn brings longing.  It’s a season requiring surrender~ Especially this one as we struggle to turn the corner on old fears, feathered with anxiety of the unknown.  It is a time of death asking for Grace and recognition of renewal. As days shorten, folding into long dark nights, we long to feel safe home.  We long for what was.  Complex planetary energies urge us to become clear about renewing our longings, to pay attention to the big picture AND the small before moving onward.  We cannot go back, but it is not yet time to move on to the new.  Our job is to become deeply present to what is, to stand in witness to our life, and perhaps to/for those we love.  Hafiz wrote, ” Now is the time to know that all you do is sacred.”  We understand this when we move into ‘witness mode,’ where we have no agenda, no advice, nor judgement.  We are simply present, a tender observer of ‘what is.’  Sacred indeed.

An obstruction to bearing witness is our unhappy Mars, the fiery, muscled warrior presently moving backward and delving inward in the sign of Gemini, ruled by Mercury, the trickster god of communication and the mind.  Mars only loves a fast-forward execution so you know it’s a time of confusion, and frustration, with temptations to snap or poke the bear.  If you can wait to ask yourself,  ‘should I speak or keep my mouth shut?’  You already know the wise answer.  A perfect example of this misbegotten energy is Elon Musk taking over (Mercury ruled) Twitter, and firing half the staff, with the other half quitting. The exaggeration is also a reflection of Mercury in Sagittarius, a sign known for over-the-top’ extras’.   Do be extra careful with details, do not assume, and when making plans, make them flexible!  Mars continues retrograde in Gemini until Jan. 12th. conversations are ripe for confusion, mistrust, and anger.  

Consider approaching holidays in quiet reassessment. Don’t assume that tradition will work this year.  Be prepared to re-assess, and re-do.  Know that slow and thoughtful plans may not be what the planets are guiding us into with Mercury sojourning through Sagittarius, ruled by the great gaseous One-Jupiter who wants big furbelows, and grandiose giving and getting. The warning is not to overspend, over-expect, or over-overdo. (You notice I’m not including ‘over-eat.’)  What we will welcome in is an exuberant Sag energy of faith and trust which often brings gifts and lovely luck.  But the caveat is~ have a good backup plan, be prepared and guided by sound judgment as well as intuition.

Having survived the fall Eclipses and lived to tell the tale, ask yourself how you have changed?  What is now falling away that gives you greater freedom, and more of who you really are and wish to be.  When an Eclipse becomes personal, we are often hit with loss and surprising chaos, but they only want to release us from who and what is no longer appropriate for us.  Seeing what feels tragic as a gift is no easy job, but if you are going through a life change, step back and view it as a gift giving you new life.  Give it time.  Honor your work.  Wrap yourself in love. With the Eclipse oppositions in Taurus and Scorpio, the lessons involved are about creating a stronger sense of self-worth, better financial strategy, and partnering skills.  This is the Venus territory of Taurus.  “Go not to the temple to put flowers upon the feet of God, first fill your own house with the fragrance of love.”  Rabindranath Tagore with a Taurus Sun, and Mars in Gemini.  Pluto, and co-ruler Mars prod the Scorpion polarity toward re-defining and transforming Self at deep levels.  The regenerative work takes time as it’s tap-root change, not a surface face life.

Thanksgiving arrives on the Sagittarius New Moon of the 23rd, a day after the Sun enters Sagittarius, and the same day Jupiter turns direct after its long inner retrograde journey that began in July.  It’s an overwhelm of uplifting, fiery, inspiring, can-do, let’s travel, let’s learn, let’s enjoy EVERYTHING energy.  Keep a close eye on your extra pithy wordsmithing!  Before leaving the watery Scorpio depths of emotional intensity, think about what inner knowledge you have gained, and what you have uncovered regarding motivations and unconscious behavior.  As the Sun brightens in fiery Sag, you will see how to put this information to better use, and then share it joyfully.  The symbol of Sag is the half man, half horse, who pulls a bow back to shoot arrows into the world-to fly free!  Aim high on this new lunar cycle moving us into December.


If you need guidance at this time, email to set up a mini Astrological review of what this Eclipse is asking of you.  20 minutes for $25.

I am advising myself to 1.Keep it simple. 2.  Build an altar 3. Bake bread. 4. Blow kisses to my loved ones. 5. Celebrate my life, and think about how I wish to be remembered.   As I wrote last week, “If you’re not yet clear on how you prefer to be remembered, then “Make of yourself a light” as Mary Oliver wrote.  I think of this each night as shadow falls early, the geese return to the hill as nature sheds her summer life.  What is the light I choose to embody and grow?  What is the light I can offer the world?  What is the light I send up upon dying?  I offer these questions again as our country heads to the polls; mad, frustrated, frightened and resentful.  No time to retreat, no surrender, no returning to a cozy womb.  Rather, stand as a spirit guardian of your destiny, and take flight.”

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YOUR PRACTICE:  As Mars rules the body, we are asked to slow down, despite his favored forward, heat-seeking drive. Frustration and anger are at the ready, making Self Care a necessity.  Tune in and listen to what you need. Allow the emotional body to lead bone and muscle, to soothe and comfort.  Create a sense of safety and goodwill to carry you onward into yet another powerful month of more change.  

BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK:   Be vulnerable with yourself.  Listen, don’t judge. Yes, it’s a complex year ahead.  You shall be buffeted by strong winds asking you to shed your old skin, especially important when re-aligning important relationships.  You are to grow more authentic, stand your ground with greater love and take no prisoners that call for harm. YOU are up to the task if you but listen, and open heart and mind to what you know is true.  Grow energy as an empathetic guide.

ASTROLOGICAL CONSULTATION:  Astrology is a way of understanding your soul’s journey, and what you came to release, learn, and master. In a consultation, we explore past, present, future to heal, and discover your riches. We plumb decisions to be faced, discovering how you can better align with these transformative times.   I have been an intuitive, psychological, soul-centered Astrologer for the past 25 years, working practically and metaphysically. Contact: Samantha at


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