Turn The Page, Pilgrim

Turn the page, pilgrim

Journey on this day

As a new story awaits, with miles to cover.

Turn the page, pilgrim

Turn and dare write the unknown

Not as fiction but as life

No scribbled regret, or layered truths,

No half-hearted try’s.

Turn the page and leap upon it,

Full-throated in your song of songs.

Difficult to feel we have just passed the first planetary extreme of the year, (Saturn Square Uranus) The three squares of these two during the year trigger the transformation of structures, values, social thinking, and land management, or land eruptions, such as the snowstorms in Texas.  We have fully entered the air- Renaissance, bringing radical changes and paradigms to a new epoch, which offers hope to our second pandemic-spring.  ‘Turn the page,’ indeed. 

Our stories move on with speed.  With Mercury now direct, all planets are marching forward for the first time in over a year.  Intentions, plans, and commitment are engaged to take shape and progress.  Be aware that plans could jiggle side to side this week as Mercury sits between Jupiter and Saturn, which is great when we can choose the best of both.  Visualize optimistically but plan concretely and realistically.  Be joyous rather than fearful. Balance conservatism with ebullience.

If you are climbing a pilgrim’s path, then you have power at your back as our physical energy/Mars aligns with his higher expression, Pluto.  This is a huge power source.  With these two in control, be more aware of your GPS and alignment.  Check that your ego and energy are put to the transformational service of the divine.  There is energy for the asking, just be clear on how you wish to employ it.  These two force fields can become destructive far too easily.  I remind you yet again, that what we do now has tremendous consequences, personally, socially, globally.  “Pilgrim, the future is now!”

The moment of beauty this week is the Virgo/Pisces Full Moon on Saturday. As Mars and Pluto are guiding much of our energies, expect this to be an exceptionally emotional Full Moon.  With the Sun in Pisces, we are not always clear about outcome of events, or our responses.  Pay attention to unconscious urgings, uncover what lies below the emotional storm, listen to your spirit.  Yes, Full Moons are very yang energetically, but you may feel a bit lost or connected to other levels of consciousness.  Uranus, the god of change, shock, and higher-mind, aspects both Sun and Moon which will surely unlock wild ideas, and expand out of the box thinking. It may also ‘expand’ earth events such as quakes, storms, tsunamis.  As this is a year for higher levels of inspiration, compassion, and creativity find time this week to use the powerful energies to write new pages; outline a beguiling story.

A  RITUAL MOMENT:  Take time under the Full Moon beams to chant or sing your wishes.  Make it a lovely

Song as Pisces is listening, and reinforcing dreams and spirit-fulfillment.  Add water and objects of beauty to

your ceremony,  When finished, sit back and feel the vibration of what you created moving through you.


The PRACTICE:  Earthy Yang with some beautifully  supportive inner Yin. Bring full consciousness to inhaleand exhale, inviting the Full Moon into your body.  Use the mat as a magic carpet to take you to your page,the new story in your-dedicated Practice. 

BIRTHDAY MARCHING ORDERS:  You are renewing your solar energy this year from a tremendous force        field, and a highly inspired page.  Full Moon birthdays always bring two energies into your year ahead: 1 Partnering, 2 Greater emotion.   And this year you are also diving into your subconscious, your creative          fount, to uncover what lies read to be understood and seen in the world.  There is connection to the higher       mind (Uranus)  to the spirit world (Pisces) and to working intelligently with new forms. (Virgo)

It’s a perfect time for a CONSULTATION to review the life you’ve lived, and the new one you are entering. Contact Samantha Cameron at Samcatcam@gmail.com.


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