Restore & Relax

Setu Bandha Sarvangasana~Bridge Pose

Lie on your back, bend knees, bring feet to buttocks.  Make sure feet remain hip width and parallel.  Placing a block between the thighs is very helpful. Inhale, curling tailbone up, lifting the spine, and extending it toward the knees.  If you feel tight or weak, curl spine and hips up and down gently several… Read more »

Viparita Dandasana~Inverted Staff Pose, supported

This pose opens the chest, expands the thoracic, and brings blood to the brain. The supported version of Viparita Dandasana is done with a folding chair. First, place a bolster, and if needed, blocks or pillows at the foot of the chair, where your feet would normally be.  Sit in the chair backwards, extending legs through… Read more »

Paschimottanasana/Seated Forward Fold

This simple pose offers several layers of healing.  1. As a basic stretch, it lengthens hamstrings, and spine. 2. As a restorative pose, it allows the body to ground down and release toward earth, softening ego so it does not push too far too fast.  3. Done with a partner, it adds connection and joy in… Read more »

Viparita Karani~Legs Up The Wall Pose

This is a wonderfully restorative pose, perfect to close down a day, or offer a moment of renewal at a stressful time.  It can be done either with or without support.  To enter the pose, without support, sit facing wall with buttocks against, and sideways to the wall, then extend torso back onto forearms as you… Read more »

Supta Baddha Konasana

You may wish to begin by sitting upright in Baddha Konasana, with knees bent, soles of feet pressing together, close to groin.  If there are knee issues, and or hips are tight and knees are in the air, place blocks under outside of knees for support. The ‘Supta’ or sleeping part of this asana is… Read more »

Salamba Sarvangasana/Shoulder Stand

This is a ‘Mother of a Pose,’ according to Iyengar, as it supports and nurtures the entire body.  Begin by lying on your back, bend the knees and pull them into the stomach as you exhale.  Lift hips up off the floor on the next exhale, supporting hip with your hands if needed.  Continue lifting… Read more »

Ananda Balasana

Happy Baby Asana: Ananda Balasana/Happy Baby. As you lie there, staring at the sky, feet and knees pulled back, tail bone pressing into the earth. Rock side to side and consider the Universe in which you find yourself .  Let awareness flood the body for all that you are learning, all that you have to… Read more »


Corpse Pose There are few instructions for this sublime pose (that we long for in the middle of a difficult class, or at the end of a long, hard day.)  The only important thing is to be in a comfortable position, eyes closed,  lying restfully on your back, so that you do not fuss with… Read more »