Change & Re-Invention

Dancing With Our Daimon

Do you find yourself shutting out your inner voices because you have no time to  listen, much less do what they ask? Do you see yourself so overwhelmed by ‘helpful technology,’ and the day’s requirements that neither dharma, soul purpose, or spirit can get through? It is time to create space for our Daimon to… Read more »

Never Say Never

“I love to weed.”  There they sit, words I never thought to hear, much less write.  What’s happened?  Have I gone Zen?  What created this complete volte face? The inner vision emerges from:  I used to be a pig-pen, food down the front of  clothes, books everywhere, papers in piles.  Having grown up in a… Read more »


Ears, like handles on a jug, are odd but necessary protrusions. Their convoluted, sinewy shapes reach out to pull vibrations in to bounce on the tympanic membrane, then the auditory nerve, culminating in the membranous labyrinth of complicated sacs and tubes, filled with fluid, housed in the petrous bone.  The external ear helps concentrate sonorous… Read more »

Miracles & Wonder

Paul Simon had it right.  “It is the time of miracles and wonder.”  The Universe is instructing us to let go, to devolve, to embrace divine discontent, and it doesn’t matter how we do it.  In this new ‘embrace,’ do we see how destructive we’ve grown, how carelessly we walk upon the earth, how intolerantly… Read more »

Judging March Madness

Is March-Madness an outer or an inner state? It is a tippy month of seasonal change, coming in like a lion, out like a lamb, with everything in between. Does the body simply yearn any excuse to disrobe the inner quiet of winter? And is the inward turning, peace, or pent-up energy? Is the Vernal… Read more »


At the revolutionary beginning of America, Benjamin Franklin said, “We must all hang together now, or we shall most certainly hang separately.”  In this Last Breath of 2011 I’ll echo Ben’s advice,  ‘be your own best revolutionary.’   We must be the source of our inspiration, and our happiness.  We can’t roll over hoping for our… Read more »

No Serenity/No Surrender

Dear Wayfarers and fellow travelers, I am in need of help, your fine perspicacity, your thought-filled-feedback. ‘Tis Scorpio’s season, and in her required depth charge I have returned to questioning the why of it all yet once again. It is not a serene Yogic-place.  It is swampy and stanky, filled with odors of discontent and fear…. Read more »

Mysteries of Relationship

Last week the Breath was about karmic relationships, today- it’s physical relationships… of the body-type, and how we perceive those relationships among this/that/these & those. Body parts reverberate to one another in much the same way we vibrate personally to one another. Not only is the body in constant re-balancing left to right, but it… Read more »