Life Links

What is your primary link? If someone asked, “What is your life-line? Your staff of life”? How subtle, how deep, how intangible is your shifting paradigm of bridges connecting you to life?

A Wow Week of Sexy Shifts

This wow week of sexy shifts includes Fall Equinox, one of the earth’s four transformative gateways; Pluto, the sexy planet, more powerful and regenerative as it stations; A New Moon in Libra~ruled by Venus; and a Jupiter-Uranus trine for courage and breakthroughs. Love the one you’re with!

Preparing The Equinox Table

Preparing for the equinox, like designing a tablescape, offers an opportunity to re-set the imagination. When we set a table to celebrate, we lay out the best, designing alignments from highest vibrational desires. We hope to integrate and navigate the celebration with judicious use of memories from past experience, a creative intellect, and good gut intuition.

Show Me The Quan!

The world has lost a treasure trove of notable talent recently, and personally, I have lost loved ones of some extraordinary talent.  There are many endings to the world we have known opening confluence to large questions:  What is disappearing that I have loved? What were qualities in those famous lives that gave them value?… Read more »

Further Wizard Notes With Astrology Back up

In several classes this past week, I referred to the following words by Marianne Williamson.  Many of you requested the full quote from the real deal, which Marianne is.  So here you go!  Continue growing your Wizard muscles, hold her idea in high regard this year, because it is a time of  liberating ourselves, and… Read more »

Magical Seeds

  Any garden is a source of light because gardeners work soul-mulch, digging their passion into the earth. They grow unique spaces of beauty and retreat needed in dark cycles. In preparing new ground, it’s amazing what appears to fertilize the soil.  What that soil produces is often surprising, sometimes extraordinary.  The original seeds tossed… Read more »

All Hallowed Heavens

As this is a very magical day, make opportunity to take to the mat to revamp and renew.  Ask, “What is the Practice that serves me in bringing 2013 to strong closure?” What Pranayama will help break stagnant habits? Where within favorite poses can I challenge my body? How does this Shakti Yoga Dance move… Read more »

The Book of Earth

The Book of Earth decrees-no death, only translation, and transmutation of dark and light; observer and observed trading visions; body and mind growing soul.  The Book of Earth begs renewal at every turn.  How can death be different?  The gravitas of Earth balances dreams and imagination lifting life onward. Death is ‘the triple’ we accomplish… Read more »